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Tomide Awe

Founder of Olori

My interview process with Twitter was awesome

I am a revenue strategy and operations manager at Twitter, I help our sales team to develop tools to help them reach their revenue goals... Read More

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Leo Nagano

Sold my B2B company

I spent 10 months coding and almost failed before launching

Key takeaways: Users don’t care about the technology and the more time you save from users, the more they are willing to pay you... Read More

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Junji Zhi

Senior Software Engineer

Navigating a Career Change to Become a Web Developer

I want to share my wife’s story of changing careers to become a web developer in hopes that it will help others on a similar journey... Read More

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Che Sampat

Founder/CEO of SuperPay

How I built a platform that's processed more than $2m at 17

It was only a few months ago that SuperPay crossed the $1.3m mark, and now that we've passed $2m, it's even crazier. Read more... Read More

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