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Facebook Ads Targeting 101

Advertising on Facebook is tricky & you may end up losing a chunk of ad budgets if not done right. This Webinar Course will supercharge your Facebook ads targeting in-depth & will teach how to create targeting funnels & maximize revenue through highly niche & targeted ad audience setup. ### `The course content includes:` - Targeting parameters - Finding new audience segments - How to create & use custom audiences - Lookalike audiences - Catalog ads targeting - Crack ad placements - Targeting funnels & how to create them - Case Studies - Best Practices - Resources & Articles for Learning ### `What do you get? *FREE*` - Lifelong access & consultation with me on Email & Twitter - Money-Back Guarantee (30 Days). If you are not satisfied with the course, let me know in the email & I will refund without questions - Discounted access to new courses pre-launch - Resources & articles for learning Let's get the conversation started for Facebook ads. Contact me for any questions & queries from below: Twitter: []( Email: `` Grab your copy today!

Saajan Jainmarketing - Posted: a month ago

Learn JavaScript

The easiest way to learn & practice modern JavaScript step by step ### `It's time to learn practical JavaScript the modern way` Learn modern JavaScript from scratch, and practice in an intuitive environment. The challenges are inspired from modern real world projects to make sure that you're learning the best practices, one step at a time. Try the first 42 lessons, challenges, projects & flashcards for free. You can upgrade to a Pro account with a one-time payment. Learn JavaScript is suitable for beginner developers who have basic experience in any programming language. Not comfortable with the basics? Then consider Learn Programming which covers the basics from scratch.

Jad Joubranprogramming - Posted: 2 months ago

Back To SQL

SQL is useful, universal, and an evergreen skill that wins you respect. We offer this course for engineers and data analysts to gain SQL fluency. After taking the course, you would be able to read and write SQL like a second nature. ### `Why should you care?` The ability to compose queries and extract insights from production data is an invaluable skill. ### `Knowing SQL is powerful.` Being able to quickly write queries, glean insights from production and generate organized CSVs make you helpful. SQL gets the job done and others can depend on you. ### `SQL is a core developer skill.` Regardless of databases or SQL flavours or database your company uses, it's an incredible skill to be able to write queries and get results back within seconds. ### `SQL as a career booster.` At some point, you need to get data out of relational databases. You don't want to always talk to senior engineer or DBA to troubleshoot data issues, or filter error logs. Once you gain SQL fluency, it follows you from job to job. ### `It's a technology that lasts` SQL isn's the trendiest, and is often overlooked. Over the last decades, it has outlasted VBScript, VBA, Java, C#, Javascript, Typescript and Python, and will do many more in the foreseeable future. ### `Who is the course for?` Developers and analysts. We expect you to have basic knowledge about software development. This course will not cover the fundamentals about databases and SQLs. Instead, we focus on the hands-on part of SQL. After going through the materials, you can immediately apply to your work. ### `How does the course content look?` We believe that, a big part of software craftsmanship is acquired by watching how experienced engineers think and use the language and tools. The course will be mainly delivered in videos and exercises. You can gain enough exposure and hone the skills along the way. We cover the following aspects about SQL. ### `Comfort with SQL` - Join tables - Filter results - Group by - Nested queries ### `Think in SQL` - Convert problems into SQL queries - Query performance - Troubleshoot data issues ### `Good SQL Habits` - Good indentation - SQL Linting

Junji Zhiprogramming - Posted: 2 months ago

Building Your Business In The Digital Space

Get access to the guide by entering your email below ## What is inside? ### Lesson 1: Ideation - Mind Mapping - Design Thinking - The Ideal Customer - Putting it all Together ### Lesson 2: Building the MVP - What is the Minimum Viable Product? - The Agile Framework - Becoming a Learning Organization - Resources for Building your MVP ### Lesson 3: Community - Identity - Getting your First Customer Interviews - Trust - The Art of the Pivot - Feedback Loops ### Lesson 4: Scaling Product Market Fit Monetization Your Content Machine Marketing Investing in Technology

Gordon FrayneBusiness - Posted: 2 months ago

Start Building Your SaaS App in Rails Today

A step-by-step guide on how to build a SaaS(Software as a Service) application from scratch to deployment!

Rob Raceprogramming - Posted: 2 months ago

Marketing and Sales Strategy for Startups

A Startup guide to modern marketing and sales concepts and strategies The primary target for this book is a Startup-Founder (of any kind of business) who has limited knowledge and experience in Marketing and Sales. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, hence, this book will help you craft and execute a winning Go-to-Market plan that delivers the best commercial results. In this book, I have reviewed the latest Marketing and Sales strategies and methodologies. The book is a beginner guide to Marketing and Sales concepts and strategies with the sole objective of empowering Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses based on superior Marketing strategies. Startup founders new to marketing. Marketing newbies. Entrepreneurs and Sidepreneurs who want to brush up their marketing knowledge. Also experienced marketers who just want to refresh their mind on some basic concepts. The book is a guide, a thought process. An explanation of the best and most effective marketing and sales concepts; with theory to support my point of view. There is no one-size-fits-all for marketing. It’s just about trying different ideas and actions systematically. There are no right or wrong answers. Good result is the only best proof effective marketing and sales strategy. A lot of people have written books and there are many free resources out there online, however, the idea behind this book is to organize the different concepts and strategies and build a thought-process and a reference based on my personal experience of over 15 years working at management level on different marketing and business roles in a multinational company.

Paul Onubusiness - Posted: 2 months ago

Understanding the Nigerian Digital Consumer

A guide to doing business in Nigeria for Startups and Investors This book aims to guide both local and foreign investors who are looking at investing in Nigeria digital economy. This provides a glance into the Nigerian digital maturity, consumer- demographics, and psychographics; also empowers them to make the right business decision. It serves to highlight the most common issues, giving the investor or entrepreneur a heads-up on challenges as well as recommended solutions. This will help them prepare adequately before venturing into the Nigerian digital business space. Thoughts are based on personal experience, observation, discussions, and interviews of key stakeholders in the ecosystem. I have been there done that when it comes to digital entrepreneurship; albeit silently, as a side-preneur, which is typical of Nigerian context. Job security is a major issue so we cling to what we are sure of while trying other stuff. In my case, I committed serious funds to what I believed in. This is a narrative of all my struggles and lessons and what I feel we need to do to get things right. Of course, backed by actual facts and figures to justify my point of view.

Paul Onubusiness - Posted: 2 months ago

Quorific: Learn the Art of Leveraging Quora

A comprehensive guide to Quora marketing

Tejas Ranemarketing - Posted: 2 months ago

The Complete Next.js Course

The premiere video course for building static and server-side rendered applications with Next.js and React. Sign up now and get two videos instantly!

Lee Robinsonprogramming - Posted: 2 months ago

Turn Your Passion Into Passive Income - 4-Course Bundle

Your complete system for turning your passion, hobbies and interests into an ongoing passive income!

Emeka Onubusiness - Posted: 2 months ago

Become A Business Intelligence Analyst (BUNDLE)

Be the 'intellgence' behind a successful business

Emeka Onubusiness - Posted: 2 months ago

Build A Professional Vue App with Vuex & Server-Side Rendering

Become a Vue.js expert by learning to build a high-performing, server-rendered app with Vuex!

Emeka Onuprogramming - Posted: 2 months ago

Payments with Ruby on Rails Master Class

A step-by-step course for anyone wanting to integrate Stripe payments with Ruby on Rails

Emeka Onuprogramming - Posted: 2 months ago

1000 Subscribers in 30 Days

Learn the best strategies to grow your email list from scratch in record time.

Emeka Onubusiness - Posted: 2 months ago