Brian Green

Online Education Advisor Orlando, Florida Area

I'm Brian. I'm here to help you make awesome courses.

From 2009-2019, I helped 500+ creators earn over $50M teaching at Pluralsight, Udacity, and TrainSignal.

Now I want to help you share your knowledge and passion with the world.


Job Hunt Coach

Job Hunting Coach Australia

Brett is a recruitment expert with many years of experience across multiple companies (of all sizes) and industries.

He passionately believes that everyone should have the tools to give them the best chance of success in finding a rewarding career, no matter what stage of their career.

This is exactly why he posts honest, direct and actionable advice to jobseekers and working towards fixing broken recruitment processes in the corporate world.

He wants to share everything he knows about the recruitment/interview experience through his paid services and ebook.


Emeka Onu

Founder of Career Move London

I'm a "full-stack entrepreneur" - I can do coding, design, marketing, sales, copywriting, customer support, and more.

Everything I know, I've learned over the years on the field, self-taught.

I believe you can learn anything, with the right mindset and motivation.


Gordon Frayne

Founder of Startup Sanctuary Dublin

Gordon is the Founder of Startup Sanctuary. He has 5+ years of experience in Technology Consulting and Digital Transformation.

He is now focusing all of his energy on helping creators and entrepreneurs to start, grow and monetize their online businesses.

He wants to share everything he knows about building in the digital sphere and is helping creators to kickstart their dreams and live life on their own terms.


Terry Xu

Founder of Mindful Suite Singapore

Helping myself and others reach their goals and live happily MindfulSuite.com . Neo-Confucian. Design, Code, Market. ex @Notarize @Twitter