Job Hunting Tips

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Job Hunting? Here are simple yet effective tips to boost your chances of beating the recruitment process and finding a job - perfect for the current climate!

Here are some things that I will teach you:

  • What to include on your resume
  • What to include in your cover letter
  • Build a LinkedIn page
  • Step by step preparation instructions in the recruitment process
  • Answering interview questions
  • BONUS cheat sheet

What are some benefits of this ebook?

  • You’ll be more prepared when job hunting
  • You’ll learn more about yourself
  • You’ll be more relaxed during the recruitment process
  • You’ll have the tools to answer tricky interview questions

Who’s this ebook for?

  • People who haven’t looked for a job in 5+ years
  • People down on their luck when looking for a job
  • College grads and school leavers
  • People above 40 who are on the market
  • Anyone who is looking to stand out in the recruitment/interview process

Who’s this ebook not for?

  • People who want overnight success
  • People who think this ebook alone will get them a job
  • Lazy people