Understanding the Nigerian Digital Consumer

Paul Onubusiness$24.99

A guide to doing business in Nigeria for Startups and Investors

This book aims to guide both local and foreign investors who are looking at investing in Nigeria digital economy. This provides a glance into the Nigerian digital maturity, consumer- demographics, and psychographics; also empowers them to make the right business decision.

It serves to highlight the most common issues, giving the investor or entrepreneur a heads-up on challenges as well as recommended solutions. This will help them prepare adequately before venturing into the Nigerian digital business space.

Thoughts are based on personal experience, observation, discussions, and interviews of key stakeholders in the ecosystem.

I have been there done that when it comes to digital entrepreneurship; albeit silently, as a side-preneur, which is typical of Nigerian context.

Job security is a major issue so we cling to what we are sure of while trying other stuff. In my case, I committed serious funds to what I believed in.

This is a narrative of all my struggles and lessons and what I feel we need to do to get things right. Of course, backed by actual facts and figures to justify my point of view.