A Guide to Investing & Building Wealth for Millennials and Gen Z

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WHO I built this for:

If you ever got dizzy looking at a 401(k) menu If you live in an expensive city and want to make more financial progress If you’re going back to school and need to get your money working for you

WHY I built this:

-I graduated in the 2008 Recession and had to figure out jobs and finances. I imagine a lot of young people today are going through the same thing. -I built the course I wish I'd had--for others. I’ve distilled 300+ hours of research and content into a 3-hour course, broken down into 10-15 minute episodes.

-The median U.S. retirement savings is $5000. -When it comes to investing, there are huge disparities in who invests. Not surprisingly, it's not enough young people, not enough women, and not enough people of color.

Our generation can change this, by learning how to invest earlier and spreading the knowledge to our friends and communities

Check out the course and let me know what you think: https://oyf.teachable.com/p/inve...

Questions or feedback: email me at oyfinvesting@gmail.com

10% of all proceeds will be donated to an educational non-profit with a 50+ year track record of providing underrepresented students with college prep and career opportunities.

thank you! Yaya