Career Move

Make A Move

Are you ready to run your own profitable business? You don’t need courses. You need action!

We will help you kick off that business, find your first customers, and put you on the path to running your own profitable business

Sounds cool? Read on.

Make A Move is a hands-on, limited program that gives you a combination of accountability, 1:1 feedback, and done-for-you services you’ll never find in any online course.

The Career Move team will walk you and a small group of 10 other entrepreneurs through a step-by-step plan for building, launching, and marketing.

Each week, we’ll coach you through one specific project (and do some of the work for you!) that will bring you closer to launching your own product. Yup—that means you’ll be able to launch your own (and make revenue) without having to burn yourself out on time-intensive product development.

Unlike typical online training, Make A Move emphasizes taking action over sitting alone at your computer reading a host of blog posts.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the idea stage or already have something. Make a move is here to put you in the right direction, show you actions to take and what to spend your time on.

Here’s what you’ll get during our 4 weeks together:

Done-For-You Services

At Career Move, we don’t just tell you what to do and then leave you to do all the implementation alone—we actually roll up our sleeves and get down in the trenches with you.

“Get Stuff Done” Sessions Per Week

Every week, we’ll meet on 3 live calls designed to do one thing: get stuff done. This is where our team will get you started on your action steps for the week, answer questions, and help you work through any challenges you encounter along the way.

1 Project Per Week

You’ll complete 1 bite-sized project that will move you closer to the ultimate goal (building a profitable business and making sales) every week. In addition to the work you accomplish on the group calls, you’ll also get a detailed walkthrough doc that shows you how to complete everything step-by-step.

Accountability That Keeps You Focused and on Track

Sitting alone at your computer watching course videos in silence doesn’t work. That’s why we do 2 specific things to ensure you stay accountable and keep hustling:

  1. We Track Your Progress and Chase You Down If You’re Falling Behind. Your status on every action item and project is tracked on a daily basis, so we can reach out and lend you a hand if it looks like you’re getting off track.
  2. You’ll Be in a Small Group of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Working Toward the Same Goal. Out of the 10 people who join this Make A Move, you’ll be teamed up others so you can review each other’s work, share ideas, and have each other’s backs.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Do During Each Week of Make A Move

You will follow the same framework I used to build my own business, plus coach tens of founders to success.

Stage 1: Lay the groundwork

This week, you will:

  • Learn how to choose an audience/niche
  • Identify and understand their pain points
  • And figure out how to solve the pains

This stage takes 1 week.

Stage 2: Build

It’s time to put in the work. We will use available tools that will make building fast and easy to do the work.

This stage takes 3-4 weeks.

Stage 3: Launch, Make your first sales, and Learn how to grow to profitability

This Stage, you will:

  • Learn how to identify and handle your customer objections
  • Learn how to find leads, put together an amazing outreach sequence to hook them, and close the deal
  • Learn how to automate your sales funnel
  • Learn about different sales tools that make selling easy

This stage takes about 3 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to have available each week of the program?

Each week, you’ll need to spend about 5 to 10 hours working on your business. If you’re not serious enough yet to make that modest commitment, Make A Move won’t be a good fit for you.

What if I can’t attend some of the live calls?

Since our live calls are action-oriented, we do encourage you to attend as many of them as possible. However, we also get that sometimes stuff happens. You’ll have access to recordings of everything, so you’ll be able to revisit the calls and catch up on your own time if you can’t make a few.

How much does it cost?

The cost to join Make A Move is USD $300/month. The program lasts for 2 months.

Who you’re working with.

Over the past decade, I’ve founded and grown a few B2B and B2C companies, ranging from enterprise SaaS to small e-commerce. Mainly bootstrapped.

I’m here to help you build a profitable online business so, you can achieve your financial goals and live your dream.