November 17, 2019

The market here in Germany (Berlin) is pretty open, there are lots of companies looking for good people

Adeyemi Olaoye

Can you introduce yourself? (name, age, country of birth, study background, job before moving)

I am Adeyemi Olaoye, I'm 26 years old. I studied Computer Engineering in Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, so yeah I am a Nigerian :) I worked at Konga Online Shopping Limited, Cotta&Cush Limited and with a couple of clients as a contractor before moving to Germany all for about three years after school.

Why did you decide to move abroad?

I started thinking about moving abroad early 2018. I had applied for and gotten an admission for a masters into Bath University and was applying for scholarships at the end 2017.

I got feedback from of the scholarships early 2018 and they were not favourable so I decided to put a pause on study and push my career forward.

What do you do now and how did you find your job abroad?

Now, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Delivery Hero delivering value to customers by providing them amazing food takeaway experiences.

Delivery Hero (Foodora at the time) was one of the many (around 13) companies I applied to. The unusual thing was that I applied via Stackoverflow :D

What made you move to this country in specific?

I didn't have any specific country in mind, in fact I was also applying to Andela in Lagos at the time, my major focus was to take the next step in my career. But now in hindsight, I feel I made a good choice with Germany.

How was the interview process?

It was quite interesting and challenging at the same time. It was in 4 stages, first was with the recruiter, then I had a take home test, then another interview with on of the senior engineers (who is now my manager) and the last interview with the CTO.

All of that took about a month, with emails back and forth, little sleep amidst combating the challenges of power and internet access to ensure I made the deadlines and interviews.

How did you prepare for the interviews?

I read a lot of materials about concepts in the job description that I wasn't familiar with or had to refresh my knowledge of over the internet. I also spoke with colleagues who were already in Germany about their process and what to expect from interviewers.

I also wrote down a lot of questions I could be asked and questions I wanted to ask. That helped me to put down my ideas and avoid stuttering during the interviews.

How many rejections did you get?


How many offers did you get?


What should one include in his/her CV?

I think the most important thing to consider in a CV are your skills and what impact you have made with them relative to the position being applied for.

What was the process for you to get the work VISA? What were the requirements? How long did it take?

The process was quite straight forward in my case apart from the wait time of about 3 months for an appointment with the German embassy.

In total the whole process took about 4 months. The requirements were my Bsc certificate, the work contract, a certificate of recognition of degree among others.

I should say that that the requirements are dependent on the kind of Visa you are applying for. In this case it could either be a work Visa or an EU blue card entry Visa.

How is the job market in the country you moved to? How hard is it to find a position similar to yours? Would you recommend people to move there?

The market here in Germany (Berlin) is pretty open, there are lots of companies looking for good people. I definitely recommend anyone up to the task and willing to move to do so.

How was it to adapt to the new country and What did surprise you?

It took a while before I lost the feeling of being a Tourist but eventually I have adapted, I think being open to new ideas and people is one of the greatest contributors to that.

Many things surprised me. lol. One of them is how the quality of life and infrastructure, also the fact that the city just works.

What do you like the most? What you do dislike the most?

I like the diversity and the beautiful views in Berlin. The cold can make me miss home sometimes though.

What is a piece of advice you would give to people willing to relocate to the same country or get a similar job role?

Put in a lot of preparation into your interviews, ask for more time to prepare if needed. Also reach out to people that are in roles similar to what you're applying to for evaluation and advice.

How can we connect with you?

My DM is open on twitter - @yemexx1 and I reply emails at same username on Gmail.