September 9, 2020

Am I a Dreamer?

Flutterist Developer

I always like to dream for my life and for my future...

Yes, I am a Dreamer...

I believe in myself, I believe the power which I have inside me!

I never gave up in this life...

During my 12 years Sales Manager career, I was really tired of all the mobbing and other crazy things that I lived! I was also successful in my job I added lots of new customers to my company portfolio and I was managing almost 50 M€.

But something was missing!

I was not happy really. I always like to create new things like art design, music (since playing a few instruments :)). But I was not able to use my creativity in my business life...

And I start to dream again to set up my own business with my Indie Apps. I released 3 of them while I was working by learning coding with Dart Flutter!

I took all the risks in order to live my dream and I resigned in March 2020 ...

Yes, It is true that I lost my remarkable monthly income amount but I was not happy with earning money from a job that I don't like to do!

I do not have any monthly income since March but I am happier than the past 12 years since I am able to create my apps from scratch and release it on Google Play Store for possible potential income to establish my own business.

I am learning always something new regarding coding and mobile design every day. Learning new things really makes me positive and it is a source of self-motivation!

For my last (fourth) Indie App "PAPER FORTUNE" which I released in August I have only 1 subscriber for now but I believe that it is going to increase day by day with the support of beautiful people who believe in creativity and courage to move forward!

Yes, I am a Dreamer and I will never give up!

Do what you would like to do in this Life!

If you would like to support me! You could download my last app PAPER FORTUNE from Google Play Store and share it with your friends!

We share our dreams and we built our lives!

Here is the link:

Google Play Store "PAPER FORTUNE"

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