Every Entrepreneur needs help along the way.

February 12, 2020

Ulrich Dereley

Senior VP of Sales

United States

If you are a seasoned software professional, who knows how to build stuff, and you are now looking to level up and become a Full Stack Entrepreneur, join 100+ founders building profitable side businesses.

In my first startup, I tried to do it all on my own. I didn’t know who to reach out to, and I didn't have the resources available, no network, no community. I was on my own, and my ego wouldn't let me try and find the help that I needed. BIG MISTAKE.

Every Founder needs help along the way—we need each other to survive, thrive, too learn from and to grow.

It’s built into our DNA.

Most of our lives as entrepreneurs are spent in fight or flight.

It’s part of our coding as humans to survive. Our adrenal glands send signals and cortisol to our nervous system telling us to move into fight or flight, activating our sympathetic nervous system.

Many of us do this day in and day out. We use caffeine stimulants, exercise or other tools to help us stay in this fight or flight state to get our startups off the ground, not realizing how this stress can build and build until it becomes toxic stress.

If we do not fix this, it can lead to heart attacks or worse, death.

There is a fix.

The number one way to rebalance our nervous system is having a community we feel safe with.

When we are around a community we feel safe with it starts to release oxytocin which counterbalances cortisol.