August 18, 2020

I left 12 years behind for my Freedom!

Flutterist Developer

As you could see from the title I took a great risk in order to feel more free and able to do what I would like to do!

I left my 12 years Sales Manager career behind and resigned in March 2020. During I am working I created 3 Indie Apps regarding Meditation, Astrology & Motivation quotes!

It was really fun to learn coding and design from scratch while working. Then I decided to continue my life as being Indie developer since I was really tired from all the mobbing and other crazy things that I lived!

It is not really a easy decision but at the end of the day I decided to resign and I did it immediately!

Now I feel more happy and confident to create my own business!

Hope I achieve my goal with lots of download and with good ranking in Google Play Store!

Thanks indeed for your kind support!

Here is the link of my last app which I published a few days ago :)