July 18, 2020

How I built a platform that has processed more than $2m at 17

Che Sampat

Wow! It was only a few months ago that SuperPay (https://superpayit.com/) crossed the $1.3m mark, and now that we've passed $2m, it's even crazier.

A bit of background behind myself and SuperPay: I'm Che, 17 years old, and living in London. I started SuperPay Dec 2018 (I was 15) as a mini internal tool for an accountancy firm to easily accept card payments without paying the PayPal premium. After seeing how useful it was for them, I decided to spin it out as my own project, and it's grown organically since then.

Today SuperPay is the fastest and easiest way to accept one-time and recurring payments backed by Stripe with zero code. It's an awesome feeling knowing that my product is really helping businesses grow by taking the complexity of payments out of their minds - that's what motivates me.

We crossed the $2m mark a week ago (I didn't even notice at first ?????), and the most exciting thing is that we processed more than $500k last month alone! Hopefully, that gives you some idea of how fast we're currently growing. It took us 15 months to reach the $1m mark, now it's taken us 3 months to reach the $2m mark (https://cln.sh/p6ktto).

Being such a small team means that we really have to think about what we want to be spending our time on. So we take massive advantage of managed services like Heroku. As much as I love managing infrastructure, it's time-consuming, and I much prefer spending my time on features my customers love! Not stressing over the size of my JS bundles.

My first customers, we're friends and family initially, but after I'd exhausted that list, we took the leap and became an official Stripe Partner (https://stripe.com/accept-payments/superpay). I then understood the value of a trusted and established marketplace that you can leverage to propel your own growth.

There is honestly so much more I want to share about my journey so far, but I'm not sure where to start... So please go ahead and ask me anything! You can DM on Twitter (https://twitter.com/che_sampat) or shoot me an email over at chesampat@gmail.com I'd love to hear from you.