April 20, 2020

My interview process with Twitter was awesome

Tomide Awe

What do you do now and how did you find your current job?

I am a revenue strategy and operations manager at Twitter, I help our sales team to develop tools to help them reach their revenue goals. At first, it was tough getting a job here in the US because they needed someone who was a citizen and that was the basic requirement for most of the jobs here, it was really tough and challenging because I spent almost two (2) years looking for a job. But at the point of giving up a recruiter at Twitter reached out to me that someone had sent in my CV and required me to apply for the job.

How was the interview process and how did you prepare?

My interview process with Twitter was awesome, it was a great insight into what the culture of the company actually is, I spoke with the recruiter first and then the hiring manager who now happens to be my manager, both on the phone. After which I was asked to do some analysis in excel and also build a PowerPoint presentation to present my result which went well. My interview process was really great because it highly focused on me and to me, the people were really kind and amazing. How I prepared for the interview was to read up about Twitter, I read up their financial statements because there I got to read about their visions & missions, risks, challenges, etc, and most especially I got to read about products that they’re working on which is not in the market yet on their website/blog and it really helped me during the interview when I brought it up.

How many companies did you apply to and how many rejections did you get?

HUNDREDS!!! …. Got rejected from HUNDREDS minus 4, lol and later rejected by one of the 4 because I didn't have a green card.

How many offers did you get?

4 full time offers

What should one include in his/her CV? Can you share a sample of yours?

Try to keep your resume to one page, Make sure your educational background is included, work experience and any other additional skills that you may have eg if you know how to code, graphics design, etc. generally try to make it as brief as possible.

What was the process for you to get the work VISA? What were the requirements? How long did it take?

For me, I got OPT (Optional Practical Training) after school for one year, during that one your, one is expected to look for a job and try to look for someone that would sponsor you H-1B visa, and as soon as I got my H-1B visa, I immediately applied for the green card. Thankfully I got a job at Twitter and they helped me apply for my visa.

How is the job market in the US? How hard is it to find a position similar to yours?

It's not easy to get into tech over here, but as long as you have the right credentials, you're smart and you have the right value to offer, I'd say give it a shot. Basically, if you have the right skills to match the opportunities, you're on the right track, and in the US one thing I’d come to learn is the value of networking so I’d advise you to really network.

How was it to adapt to the new country and What did surprise you?

It wasn't easy at first, I think I cried for the first three months but on the long run, I got easily connected to people that were from Nigeria and any other Africa country because they helped me adapt easily to the new environment but now that it been three years, it's been easy to connect with the Americans and have a good relationship with them. What surprised me was the fact that Americans are party focused, I do not get it. Everyone wants to drink and party but I have to balance it at some point by going sometimes and leaving early but also trying to find my truth and leaving my life the way I want to.

What do you like the most? What do you dislike the most?

I like efficiency, people that are accountable, I dislike lack of accountability, I don't like it when people don't do their jobs or push their jobs on others. that's irresponsible.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources

Honestly, I haven't read as much, I don't do a lot of books and podcasts, I studied a lot because until last year all I did was study.

What is a piece of advice you would give to people willing to relocate to the same country or get a similar job role?

The easiest way to relocate here is to go to school, either apply for a Masters or MBA if you're going to get an MBA, my advice is to try to get into the top MBA schools. And also try to look at the credibility of that school or the ranking because it will help you get jobs easily and open some additional opportunities for you.

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