April 22, 2020

Surround yourself with people that are doing or want to do what you do

Tyler Gillespie

What's your backstory and why did you decide to start a business?

My job before starting this company, I've been an entrepreneur for a while, so my original job was actually way back when I was 18 and working for staples which were kind of an office supply company in the States and I remember how I transitioned from that at a pretty early age, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs was interesting but I think that fueled me to create a kind of transition to make moves.

Obviously a lot sooner, so obviously not a typical corporate background now was really my first as a whole meeting job outside of many of the entrepreneurial activities that have taken part in since then, so yeah. So essentially, the transition started a window cleaning company, at the time, which was, which was a lot of fun and... Oh yeah, that was that. As a start of working for myself and working on business outside of working for a company.

So rate for many years, anyways, that was as much in the past, as forward a little bit, so now and so currently I work in a one-A company called Proofreading Pros, which is essentially a copy editing and proofreading business, Howard by humans to a new as... And it sits right inside Google Docs. It allows you to essentially pull in a real-time professional native English copy edit or appropriates at any time to review your content, make sure it's perfect before you publish it. So that's kind of the main focus in business that I'm working on at the moment.

Describe the process of starting and launching your businesses.

I’ll talk about my last business here because it's most relevant which was contentproz.io, this business was my first true location independent business that I launched but it wasn't my first business and hasn't been my last. The process of starting the business, I could remember we were in Columbia thinking of different business ideas of what we could create or what I could create at the time so it really started as more freelancing and it kind of played with that model by getting some clients and shortly after that it was from freelancing to the agency to outsourcing and orchestrating a lot of the work.

The business started with hustling online using eon at the time in our Upwork, you know, trying to be unique in the market place and find different jobs that interest me which are market creation, email marketing, etc

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

I think our strengths were sales related, you know, background and sales marketing, we really leaned on that. For us to just focus on networking, code emailing, content creation, getting customers which were our focus.

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

Right now I have a business called Proofreadingpros that I’m working on, it's like google docs, and that's where most of my energy is right now.

Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

Through starting the business I have learnt a lot, i think finances are huge so I'm just creating simple systems, not just finances but other things in the business. I've learned to really have strong systems and money buckets which makes everything easier from operation to really have a healthy business.

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

Our main operational tools for the business were, google docs, Gmail, and service provider pro.

What are some sources for learning you would recommend for entrepreneurs who are just starting?

I would recommend outlining what businesses you're good at and look at Facebook groups that are doing what you want to do.

Advice for professionals who want to get started or are just starting out?

Surround yourself with people that are doing or want to do what you do, You can also check for Facebook groups, like the dynamite circle, Try to attend tons of events/seminars that talk about what you do. coaches/mentors sometimes are great, lastly reading books can really help too.

Are you looking to hire for certain positions right now?

If I’m looking at hiring certain positions, I think the main position we are looking at would be an English professional proofreader. But for now we are not looking at hiring internal core positions yet but we will definitely do it in the future.we are always looking for talented people to work at the freelance spaces on contract basics as orders come in to be able to help us out.

Where can we go to learn more about you and your business?

Essentially you can go to proofreadingpros.io and also productizemyservoice.com