February 10, 2020

I quit my job and ran out of savings.

Ulrich Dereley

Some years back, I quit my job.

I ran out of savings.

I wasn’t happy, quitting was the right decision.

I lost my lavish condo and moved into a basement apartment.

It was cold, lonely and nothing like what I had to give up, but I learned something beautiful.

Success and happiness are not tied to value we create for ourselves.

They’re tied to how much value we create for others.

They're not tied to the money we make, the promotions we receive.

The problem: How do I create value with no money, paycheck to paycheck.

With few options, I began learning for many hours every day.

To help me focus, I stopped…

  • Speaking to friends who weren’t focused.
  • Constantly checking my social media.
  • Watching Netflix and TV.
  • Going out to party.
  • Eating out.

First, I started reading.

Then audible, podcasts, courses.

As I learned more, I took better jobs, I was able to offer more.

People began to recognize and respect my ability to create value.

I moved into higher roles, took a job as a VP for a SaaS company

I launched a global SaaS product across multiple teams in 75+ countries.

Now, I've written for Forbes, 10x’d startups, founded my own company.

If your life is not on a successful path, ask yourself:

How do I create more value for others?

What will make me better?